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From: T Chase
Subject: Collecting Things 07The following story is a work of fiction set in the format of reality. Any
resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental in nature, and is not
meant to accurately reflect persons in towns, cities, or governmental
areas, in which the story is staged. If sexual scenes involving male to
male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and
countries, you are not allowed to read this by law. This is fiction. Don’t
forget, in real life, to think about ’sexual safety matters’; got condom?”Collecting Things” 07
wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%If Michael had any doubts, in the past, about how much a bottom guy, slave,
submissive, however he’s termed, mixed the pain with the pleasure, he sure
got the concept, loud and clear now.”Akkkkkkkkk-ooooooooohhhhh-gnnnnnnnh!”The mixed reaction came, as Rex drove his 8.5c deep into Michael’s
asschute, at the precise moment his arm flicked the leather tip of the
strap against his left nip.Rex let Michael make up the excuse, “I can take it for you,” each time he
asked if the pain was too much.Actually, Rex began believing it himself, that Michael was taking the pain,
as he alternated the leather instrument of torture, between each of
Michael’s now reddened nips. Even through the dense growth of dark brown
hair, the red nipmeat shown, as if a cold nose on Naked Preteens a snowy day.”There, that rounds it out to twenty lashes across each nip. Now to finish
getting me off!”Michael didn’t have any response, as his face remained in a contorted,
wincing manner, other than a soft moan, as Rex worked his tool in and out
of the tight asschute. Looking down, Rex sought to be at Michael’s
side. But, he had one last detail to finish off. Pumping long and hard, he
felt the need to speed up, slowing down to hold his cock in, each time it
shot out a rope of cum.”Feel that Michael? Feel my cum pumping into your guts?”"All I feel… is my burning nips,” Rex said solemnly.After Rex held his empty balls up to Michael’s ass, for the last gush, he
backed off. Breathing hard, he dropped Michael’s hairy legs and fell down
next to him, in the bed. Both lay there, Naked Preteens perspiring. Neither took notice
that Michael’s arms still remained tied and outstretched, until he said
something.”Um, want to untie me?”"Are you going to be a good boy, Michael?”"Um. Yeah.”"Let me hear you say it.”"I’m going to be a good boy from now on.”"And not?”"Not what?”"Challenge my alpha male side?”Michael thought it over for a second. Lying to his left side, Rex’s eye
latched on to the glowing, red nip. He pinged it with his finger.”Akkkkkkkkkkooooooooohshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” Michael cried out, pulling at
his bondage. “Alright… alright.. I give.”"So, say it.”"I promise not to challenge your alpha male side… just don’t do that
again?”Rex uprighted himself and began untying the rope that held Naked Preteens Michael’s hairy
left arm bound to the bed.”Ooooh… owwwwwwwchshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that hurt!”"Of course it did. You don’t think that hitting your nip is going to be any
different from touching it, do you Michael?”"Hmmm… damn good torture. I’ll have to remember that one, too!”"So, you did get more out of this, than a punishment from your dominant
half, Michael?”"Let’s not get carried away, Rex.”"Should I retie you and give your nips another whipping, Michael?”"Noooooooooooooooooooooo… your my dominant half!”Rex chuckled, saying, “You’re so cute, Michael.”"Cute? You think my cranberry red nips are cute?”"I didn’t mean that, Michael.”After removing Michael from his total bondage, he asked, “Want some
‘bengay’ on those nips?”"Oh no. Don’t you touch them.”The two of them lay there, looking at them.Michael ventured to say, “Imagine having a guy’s nips whipped like this and
then attaching clamps to them, Rex?”"Wanna try it?”"Hell no! I think I’ve taken enough pain for a lifetime.”"Oh? And how did it feel getting fucked while I whipped your nips,
MIchael?”"Um, got damned confused. I mean, here I’m getting used to you fucking my
chute, then you slap that leather over my pec. Man. I didn’t know whether
to scream or sigh.”"You screamed, Michael.”"I know I did, but deep inside I got this message of… of taking it, on
behalf of you.”"And that made a difference?”"Hell yeah. Above everything else, I wanted to give up on the whipping, but
I took it because it became a part of us.”"Michael?”"Yeah, Rex?”"I don’t want to torture you anymore.”"I guess I did go a little crazy over it, didn’t I?”"I think so, but I think also that you got it out of your system.”"Well yeah, but also if it became a choice, then I’d take it all over
again.”"Choice? How does that go, Michael?”"If it meant a choice between, if you had to take it, or me. I’d volunteer
in a minute.”"Do you think we can put this behind us now, Michael?”"Sure. I’m ready to. At least that’s what my nips are telling me!”"C’mon.”"Where are we going, Rex?”"I’m putting you in a cool bath. Might make your puffy nips relax!”As Rex helped Michael to the jon, Michael’s chin touched his chest.”Boy oh boy.”"What’s the matter now, Michael?”"You sure did do a job on my nips. My chest fur is no way in hell going to
hide the damage you’ve done to them!”"Michael, forget about them.”"You try forgetting about a sensitive place on your body, Rex.”"Sensitive, Michael? I had no idea that your nips were ‘that’ sensitive!”"Oh yeah. I mean it’s one of my hot spots for a boy to suckle on.”"Oh? And when did you have a boy suck on your nips, Michael?”"When? Oh, lots of times.”"Like when?”"Well, for instance, last week, when I played with John and Ben,the first
time.”"Oh? And which of them was the better nipsucker?”"Actually, John wasn’t into it at all.”"So, you made him?”"Let me tell you about John and Ben.”"You better. I mean, you have this web of mystery around them. So, tell me,
Michael.”Before Michael got started on his explanation, Rex helped slide him into
the tub, big enough to fit two or three. Then, to Michael’s surprise, he
slid in next to him. However, it did become quite a surprise, when Rex’s
hand slid down Michael’s shoulder, glazing over his left nip.”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooohhhhhhshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” Michael cried out.”Oops! You alright?”"I won’t be alright until my nips are numb again, Rex!”"Oh, poor baby.”With one hand behind Michael’s back, Rex cupped a good amount of cool water
in Naked Preteens his hand. Naked Preteens Michael sighed, as he drizzled it over the swollen nub on his
left pec.”Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiih,” Michael winced, his lips parting, showing his clenched
teeth.Each time Rex let the cool bath water flow over Michael’s hairy chest, he
made the same sound, the pain decreasing.”Any relief yet, Michael?”"Oh yeah, Rex. I think your hand has healing power.”"So, you going to tell me about Ben and John or keep them a mystery?”"Ben and John, huh?”"Yeah and by the way, I think they’re kind Naked Preteens
of cute and would be fun to have
around.”"Speaking of this aura of surprise, what exactly are your plans for
college, Rex?”"First off, I figured when I get there that I’d find a nice college boy to
shack up with… a nice bottom boy who appreciates a dominant top man, but
then you had to thwart my plans.”"Sorry ’bout that. Aren’t you a bit pleased with the way things have turned
out, Rex?”Lying back, Rex gets more comfortable, his eighteen year old body cuddling
up with the thirty-four year old, lying his head next to Michael’s, then
turning it, to steal a kiss.”I guess I have my answer.”"Did you really have it in mind, to stay with this college professor?”"Yes, but now I’m definitely counting on a different arrangement.”Rex lifted his left leg, crossed his right and Michael’s left leg, resting
his kneecap up against the base of his lover’s balls. He slopped some water
up against Michael’s hairy stomach, then slipped his hand upwards, between
his pecs.”Watch the nips?” Michael’s eyes patrolled his hairy midchest.His forearm grazed Michael’s left nip, as Rex turned his chin to match
lips.”Ooooooooh!” Michael sighed, as Rex’s arm barely touched the tip of his
swollen nip, as his kiss erased the painful memory.”You’re hard again, Rex.”"I know.”Reaching under the water, Rex found Michael’s left hand. He proceeded to
lead it to the space between his thighs. Michael reached out to the bath
faucets and turned them off.”Michael, there’s only three inches of water in the tub.”"I know.”"Where are you going?”"No place,” Michael replied, as he shifted his weight from his rump, to his
knees.Allowing Rex to assume his place, Naked Preteens Michael straddled his lover, closing his
legs in between his own outstretched knees. His flaccid meat lay nicely on
Rex’s shins.”Nice,” Rex commented.”It’s going to get better.”Rex figured Michael talked about his head bowing into his crotch, but it’s
the red, swollen nips, protruding from Michael’s dark, wet chest hair that
his comment entailed.”Ooooooooooooooh!” Rex sighed.Michael’s hand lay under the bed of balls, holding up Rex’s 8.5c. An
extending tongue licked the wet, hairy orbs.”Would you prefer them shaved, Michael?”"Either way, I’m sure they’ll taste the same.”As Michael Naked Preteens
licked in between the huge, golfball-sized sacs, he encountered
the tip of the bulging cock, extended to it’s full state of mass.”Do you want my cock, Michael?”"Yeah.”"How badly do you want to hold it in your mouth and swirl your tongue
around it?”Michael sensed another one of Rex’s games coming on. He played along.”I want to feel your shaft on my tongue real bad, Rex.”"Then first sit up and tell me about Ben and John.”"Huh? But…..”"Want your nips twisted?”"Nooooo…no, no…. I’ll talk!”"Yeah… that’s it. Sit up nice and straight. Stretch those thighs,
Michael. I want the full advantage of looking at your totally hairy body.”"You like my hairy body, do you Rex?”"Yeah. Totally hot, just like Ben’s. Now put your hands behind your head
and tell me about them.”Michael did Naked Preteens
whatever pleasured Rex. In fact, while he filled his lover in
on the two, Rex slipped down a bit more in the tub, so that his hand could
fondle the hairy, hanging ballsacs.”…And that’s the first day I met them. The next day, they tidied up the
estate, hauling broken limbs from the forested area. I stood there,
watching them and John accidentally hit Ben in the stomach with a
branch. When Ben brushed the incident away, as an accident, it left me
hard.”"Yes and?” Rex prodded Michael on, both in story and ballplay.”So, being the concerned individual I am, I wandered over to them and asked
Ben if he was alright. Gaining Ben’s solitary attention, while Naked Preteens John
continued the cleanup, I toyed with him, until I drew the conclusion that
he liked pain.”"And how did you find that out?”"He told me how he and a few guys in high school had gut punching
contests.”"So, at one time Ben was a muscle jock, huh?”"Yeah. said that he worked out daily. Now he relies on his job, as a
landscaper, to keep him fit.”"In my opinion, I’d say it’s working out well for him.”"Right. So, I asked him if he wanted to see if his abs could still take a
gutpunching.”"And he thought you were crazy?”"Nope. Quite the opposite. He told me as soon as they finished for the day,
he’d like to get with me.”"Hmm… so tell me about that part.”Michael, kneeling in the tub, began to weigh down his own balls, with his
stiffening rod, as he knelt there, hands behind his head, telling of his
first encounter with Ben and John.”Ben and John both met me at the old forge. I uncoupled the fork holding
the bellows, that was used to stoke the furnace. After tying a rope to the
high end, I lowered it, then tied Ben’s wrists with the other end of the
rope. Tilting the long, wooden fork, I brought the high end Naked Preteens
down and Ben’s
arms swooped up above his head, towards the ceiling. I didn’t realize how
heavy the bottom end of the fork was and it lifted Ben’s body right off the
floor and at first he swung in the air.”"His whole body?”"Yeah. Swept him right off his feet.”"Awesome. Then what happened?”"Oh, forgot to mention that I had stripped his shirt. Afterall, I wanted to
make sure I targeted his abs.”"Right. Go on.”Both of their cocks, rock hard, leaked into the few inches of water. The
thicker precum remained separated from the clear tub bottom.”I steadied him, asking John to stand behind Ben, holding his body for me.”"Didn’t he want in on the action, too?”"Yes, but not like you would suspect.”"Oh? Didn’t want his abs tested?”"No way.”"Not into that, huh? More like he wanted a whipping, huh?”"No, not that either. Hee heee… I sense that you think John is a total
bottom, huh?”"Isn’t he? He sure fooled me.”"No way. Matter of fact, John’s only weakness is navelplay. Other than
that, he’s as top-friendly as you and I.”"So, he got a kick out of holding Ben for you?”"Yeah. He said if Ben wasn’t his cousin that he’d fuck his ass while I
punched him in the stomach.”"No way. I would’ve never suspected, Michael!”"Yeah. Would you believe it?”"So, back to Ben. How many gutpunches did he take?”"Man, can he take it! Whew! Blew me away. I sunk fist after fist into his
gut and could he take it!”"How many?”By this time, Rex’s hands had switched from Michael’s balls, to his own
cock, stroking it to the rhythm of the story.”I quit counting after fifty.”"Fifty! Wow! I had no idea a guy could really take fifty punches in the
gut!”"I’m sure he took over a hundred before he had trouble keeping his head
up. Yeah, after about forty minutes, his stomach began to loosen up and Ben
started to feel it.”"What about John?”"John, forget it. He was ready to shoot his load. Ha haaa..”"What, Michael?”"He said he needed to fuck an ass so bad that he was tempted to do Ben,
after I turned him down!”"And did he?”"Nah. There’s some things, John told me, that remained sacred, between the
two.”"So, they’re real close, huh?”"Yeah, apparently. Victims of being gay and thrown out of their
families. That’s why I hired them. Their condition convinced me that they
really needed employment or starve.”"Nice that you found this other connection, huh Michael?”"Yeah. Real sweet.”"Michael, I think this changes things.”"Changes? What? You and me?” Michael said, a tinge of fear for their
relationship, in his voice.”Yes. I’m beginning to piece together some plans for college. See what you
think.”"I hope what you’re working out, still includes you and me together, Rex?”Spotting the pathetic look on Michael’s face, he decided to reassure his
lover that he still intended to keep him in his life.”Michael, put your arms down. Come on, let’s dry off.”Leaving the tub, Michael reacted as if a slave to Rex, taking a towel and
drying his lover off first, before himself. They proceeded to go back into
the bedroom. When situated at the computer table, Michael’s butt in the
chair and Rex using Michael’s lap as the chair, he began to piece together
how he envisioned college life, after opening a new wordpad file.”First, we either rent or buy a spacious home.”"Homes in the University Square area don’t come cheap and rent, forget it.”"Then we’ll have to find a place for sale.”He typed: ChecklistOn the checklist, top item, he pecked: Find Jim”You’re really serious about your father, aren’t you?”"Think of it, Michael. Whatever good did he do me, other than monetary
support?”"True. What Naked Preteens about your mother?”"What about her? She’s always found from some stranger to finance her
lifestyle.”"True. I know your father wasn’t her first bank account.”"Yeah and I don’t know if she remembers the prenuptial agreement.”"How do you know about that Rex?”"The internet can be an amazing source of information, Michael.”"But there are passwords to guard against anyone breaking into classified
information like that.”"Michael, what’s my father’s favorite sport?”"Golf.”"So, where do you think he’s going to get passwords from?”"Oh, so you tried all the obvious golf terms?”"You got it. I can get into any of father’s personal accounts I want to,
including financial statements.”"Wow! I didn’t know you knew computers that well, Rex.”"I didn’t, until Steve Blake came along.”"Oh? I thought Naked Preteens
you and Steve might have something going.”"We’re friends, okay Michael? So don’t go getting your balls all twisted up
and thinking we have something going.”"No, it’s not that… well, at first I thought it was that.”"Oh yeah? That’s not the way I figured it, Michael.”"Oh?”"Michael, I ‘know’ why you made the trip all the way over to Italy, to pick
up your little brother.”Smiling, Michael moved his head side to side.”Wonders never cease, Rex.”"Yeah and I bet you really felt relieved when Philip and Steve began to
come on to each other last night?”"Last night?”"Michael, I knew you left Philip’s rope around his wrist loose.”"How perceptive of you, Rex.”"Hey, two good looking, gay eighteen year olds in a bed, what do you
expect?”"What I expected, happened!”"Made it easier for you, didn’t it?”"Well, I had to make sure that there wasn’t any connection between you and
Steve, Rex.”"So, you used your own little brother?”"‘Used’ is a little strong, Rex. I mean, like I already knew that Philip
wasn’t getting what he wanted back in Italy. I mean, he grew up in the US,
didn’t know too much Italian and all the gay boys back home wanted to do,
is fuck around. Philp is a different sort.”"More like me?”"No, Rex. No one is like you.”Rex, figuring a romantic angle to Michael’s statement, leaned back for a
kiss.”Owwwwwwwwwooooh….ooooh….ooooh!” Michael winced.”Seems the cool bath did well on your nips, Michael.”"They still hurt, Rex.”In a devilous mood, Rex decided to play with Michael.”How much do you love me, Michael?”Sensing a moment of playfulness, Michael gave into the intrigue.”More than anything, Rex.”"You took a heavy beating for me.”"Told you that I’d take it all over again, for you.”Rex, sitting on one of Michael’s legs, his two knees butt against, the
inner wall of the hairy thigh, reaches up to Michael’s nips, like he’s
going to take hold of them. He looks up to Michael. Michael’s eyes dash
from his chest, to Rex’s face.”Go ahead. Do it if you want to, Rex. Test me.”However, Rex dropped his hands to Michael’s torso.”I just did!”In a more serious manner, Rex leaned over the Italian’s chest and
kissed. Michael didn’t give a damn about his nips, as he folded Rex into
his arms, his palms against Rex’s bareback, Naked Preteens bringing the smooth chest into
a hairy contact. Turning in the swivel computer chair, the screen saver
popped up, as Rex stood, and led Michael over to the bed. He advanced
first, propping his body up against the pillow.”I’m your’s, Michael. Come and get me!”Smiling, Michael replied, “I love orders like that!”His sore nips, still vulnerable, brushed against Rex’s knees, on the way to
his crotch.”Still sore?”"Not bad,” Michael replied, trying to feign a smile.”Come lay on me, Michael.”"Huh?”"I want to feel your hairy body on mine.”Michael gulped, breathed in and then lay his chest on Rex’s smooth,
eighteen year old body.”Oooooh yeah. Love your hairy body, Michael,” Rex called out.Rex’s words cut through the pain and Michael’s psyche rather channeled it
into a feeling-good response. Like Rex, Michael enjoyed rubbing his hairy
chest and stomach against the smooth body under him. As their lips made
love to each other, Rex’s hands wandered around Michael, becoming more
familiar with the territory. He rekindled his friendship with Michael’s
ass, after fucking it a few hours back. Instead of his cock warming it up,
his hands played with the hairy asscrack. Moving one of his hands up to
where their tongues played, he inserted his fingers into Michael’s mouth.”Yeah, lube it up good, Michael.”Savoring the four fingers and thumb, Michael treated the hand as if fresh
from the ice cream truck, licking and sucking on each digit.”Michael?”"Huh?” He acknowledged, as Rex’s hand formed in his mouth.”Turn around and lay face down over my pubes and suck me. I want to play
with your ass.”"No problem,” Michael replied, as Rex withdrew his hand.Experiencing a lot of different things, Michael figured this wouldn’t be
the last of Rex’s experiments with his body in mind. Before yesterday,
Michael couldn’t even fathom the idea that he would be sucking cock, nor
that his own ass would be fucked, or that anyone would have enough nerve to
take a belt to his back or chest. Yet, through all that, plus the pain of
taking a whipping across his shoulder blades and the reigning blows of the
tip of the leather strap on his nips, Michael remained faithful to whatever
orders Rex dished out.”How’s this? Okay?”"Cool, Michael,” Rex replied.With his head centered over the teen’s pubes, Michael opened his mouth
wide, as he drew in the hard shaft. Doing a balancing at, so that Rex’s
8.5c wouldn’t be forced down his throat, Michael used his lover’s knees to
place his palms. Conscious of his tongue swirling around and around Rex’s
rock hard shaft, he now sensed fingers playing with his balls. When Michael
lay down, his cock lay right on top of Rex’s chest. Now Rex had grabbed
hold of it, pulling it out from under him, bending it so that his cockhead
pointed in the direction Rex’s chin. It divided Michael’s big hairy
ballsacs right in half. Rex took a gob of spit and rubbed Naked Preteens it deadcenter on
top of the cockbed.”I hope that’s not your tongue on me,” Michael said, bringing up the pro’s
and con’s of the alpha male issue.”Shut up! I’ll do what I want!”"YEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! OOOH SHIT! OOOH SHIT! OOOOOOH SHIT!” Michael
screamed out, after feeling Rex’s flat hand swat the whole works; cock and
balls.”I thought you learned your lesson, Michael! Dammit!”"Fuck! That hurt!”"I hope so. Now will you fuckin’ shut up about that alpha male crap? It
wasn’t even my mouth on your cock, dickhead!”Even though his balls ached from the pouncing of Rex’s palm-swat, Michael
turned red with embarrassment, cursing himself out over the error of his
ways. Right now, in his mind, he figured he deserved what he got!”Get back Naked Preteens on my cock, before Naked Preteens I get nasty with your balls again, Michael!”Not saying another word, Michael opened wide and gobbled up Rex’s gooey
cock. He wondered about all Michael said, taking the pain for him and
all. Right now, as he slowly worked Michael’s cock, playing with his cock
and balls, the Naked Preteens piss slit secreted precum. Scooping it up on his fingers, he
lowered it into Michael’s asscrack, wetting down the bushy
asscrevice. After hearing several sighs and Naked Preteens feeling the guttural buzz on
his cock, Rex pressed his finger into Michael’s near dime-sized asshole.”Ummmmmm…” Michael sighed.”You liked my cock in there. I wonder how you’ll like my fingers?”Michael gave up on any kind of protest. As far as he was concerned, Rex
would be doing to him whatever he damn well pleased. His opinion? Let it
happen. How could Michael object to anything Rex did to his asshole, when
with his other hand, he mashed the side of his 8c against his teen
chest. Like a steamroller, Michael loved the way Rex’s palm rolled his
shaft back and forth. For sure, he knew that Rex had two fingers in, going
for a third and Michael surprised the hell out of himself, when he found
himself pushing his hands against Rex’s knees, catapulting his ass towards
Rex.”Aha! So you like your ass penetrated, Michael. Should get up right now and
find a suitable dildo or buttplug!”Michael didn’t know that Rex called his bluff, but at this point he didn’t
care.Pulling off of the jumbo cock, he said, “Told you to do whatever you want
to me, Rex.”"I know, but you don’t think I have you lubing up my cock for nothing, do
you, Michael? Get up!”Michael took the slap to his ass, as friendly play, while raising his body
up off of Rex. Being directed to lay down on his back, he took a short
moment to feel up his balls that got pounded against Rex’s chest.”Don’t worry Michael. They’ll still produce!”"How do you want me?” Michael asked, smirking at the ball joke.”On your back. Might decide to play with those nips while I fuck you!”Another test of will, Michael neither responded in the negative, nor
signified it with his facial expression. No, he lay down, parted his legs,
letting Rex situate himself, in the fucking position. Before the mouth lube
dried, Rex positioned his cockhead and drove his shaft home.”Ooooooooooohfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Michael sighed out loud, his hands to
his sides, bunching the sheet up in his hands.Rex placed his hands on the sides of Michael’s hairy ribs, not far from
where his red nips adorned his hairy chest. Over the moment of penetration,
Michael looked forward, into Rex’s eyes. He followed them to his chest,
knowing Rex played a game with him.”You want’em, go for it! See if I fuckin’ care!” He replied to Rex’s
gesturing of wanting to touch his pecs.His hands clenched the sheets even tighter, as he braced himself for the
inevitable. Another surprise awaited Michael. Like with Rex playing with
his asshole, pressing his body downwards, to accept the invading fingers,
his voice betrayed him, as Rex began to touch his nips.”Oooooooh… oh yeah… work my nips… yeah…. mash’em good! Ooooooh fuck
yeah!”"Oh fuck yeah!” Rex called out.The two began an erotic conversation, voicing their pleasures.”Yeah… squeeze harder… oh fuck yeah!”"Gonna torture these til they’re raw!”"Ooooh yeah!”Michael wanted to shoo Rex’s hands away, yet craved for his nips to be
tortured, squeezed and pulled on. Unable to control himself, he did a
partial situp and folded his arms under himself.”Afraid you might want to play with them yourself, Michael? Hee heeee.”Pure sadism flowed, as Rex took Michael’s nipmeat in between his thumbs and
fingers and twisted them around. Michael took the pain, like a Naked Preteens good
masochist would, throwing his head back, grinding it into the pillow, his
eyes squinting and his mouth wide open, a half audible tone escaping.”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Ooooooooohfuckyeeeeeaaaaaah!”Rex getting much more out of all this, worked over Michael’s asschute, as
roughly as his nips. Both bodies glistened from the worked up sweat. From
the sadist and masochist, flowed words of undenying pleasure. As Rex
determined he Naked Preteens was getting close, released Michael’s left nip and wrapped
his hand around his leaking shaft. Right away, Michael sensed the loss of
feeling on his left pec and moved his hand in, to take it’s
place. Realizing Michael’s need to have his chest stimulated and the
enjoyment he received, he removed his other hand to Michael’s Naked Preteens balls. From
under his masochistic lover, the other hand came. Never even opening his
eyes, still in the mesmerizing passion of pleasure and pain, Michael
twisted and pulled at his own nips. Rex, fully into what Michael was
sensing, found him not only reeking havoc on his pecs, but grinding his
hips, to try to get more cock up his ass. Driving beyond endurance, Rex got
to his feet, picking up Michael’s massive thighs and began pounding his
meat into the hot hole. Without even notice, he began pumping his pent up
load into the thirty-four year old. No assistance was needed, as Michael’s
doubled over cock, began unloading it’s white treasure, ropes flying onto
his chin, chest and stomach.”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhakkkkkkkkkkooooooohfuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Michael shouted
out, reaching the apex of pain and pleasure, not even recognizing that he
had grabbed both nips with his nails and stretched them to the max, beyond
the boundaries of his hairy chest, as his load pumped out.At first, Rex, totally spent and winded, as if running a marathon in a
minute, fell to the mattress, trying to catch up. Soon he collapsed, right
there between Michael’s knees. Much to his surprise and despite the little
energy he had left to even breath, he found himself being hoisted along the
hairy, gooey bod. Rex finally focused enough to realize that a pair of
hands caught him under the pits and reeled him in for a Naked Preteens shoulder to
shoulder embrace.”That was so fuckin’ hot Rex.. I’m your’s man… I’m your’s…”Michael, still energized, lay Rex down in the bed, his lithe body taking
the place in the mold. Like starting over, Michael kissed Rex, then leaned
over and like he’s made boys do in the past, began licking clean his alpha
lover’s pubes.%continued……… Copyright 2005 T. Chase McPhee All Rights Reserved. Permission is NOT granted to publish
this story to any PAY site, nor any site
other than www.nifty.org, without the
author’s prior consent.
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